Re: < I'm all the landscape >

In 2019, I created the performative installation El tiempo de ser, a free adaptation of Alessandro Baricco’s Mr Gwyn. This novel tells the story of the British novelist Jasper Gwyn who decides to stop writing to make portraits in the manner of a painter, but with words. He rents a studio where he devotes himself to long observation sessions with his models before making his written portraits. Re: < I’m all the landscape > is a transposition of my first adaptation of Baricco’s novel into a digital work. In this new creation, my aim is to “translate” freely the visual, sound and performative aspects of the written work, taking advantage of the potential of digital literature.

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Scenic installation: Claudia Bernal
Dramaturgy: Claudia Bernal
Performing and voice: Claudia Bernal
Texts: Excerpts from Alessandro Baricco’s Mr Gwyn and Claudia Bernal’s The time
Text-animation: Maria P. Jaramillo
Sound composition: Thierry Gauthier
Video and camera editing assistant (installation): Andrés Salas
Camera (digital work): Juana Rubio
Co-design & implantation of the 3D environnement: Luis M Guzmán and Jessica A. Rodríguez

A project by :

  • Claudia Bernal is an interdisciplinary artist and postdoctoral researcher at CELAT, Cultures…