ILIDI is a training and dissemination program in digital arts and literature for a cohort of 20 artists from Quebec and Mexico. The objective is to develop the practice of writers, artists and coders through an exchange and learning program in digital creativity.

This program is born from the collaboration between the Montreal artist-run center TOPO, the artistic collective andamio.in and the Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD) of Mexico.


Andamio is a collaboration platform where producers from different backgrounds can be found, generating long distance projects. Sound is the basic element that we understand as image and text at the same time. The raw material of andamio is the confrontation of these codes, apparently contradictory but that share narratives, both in construction and production.

Andamio works within three lines: production, research and education. All are related not only to the union and develop of sound in other disciplines, but also in the use of different technologies to produce experiences. Such experiences are shared through our memories, forming constantly mutating narratives. Collaboration is an axis of work in Andamio, even-though we have people that constantly work in the projects, Andamio also seeks to work with other producers that can provide alternative perspectives.

TOPO – Digital creation center

TOPO is a Montreal-based artist-run centre whose mission is to assist and equip artists in their exploration of contemporary digital art practices.

Its training, creation, dissemination and outreach activities contribute to the development of its field of practice, at the intersection of visual arts, literature and digital media. The centre assists, supports and carries out interactive projects, hosts artists in residence, offers specialized workshops, and engages in the community through cultural outreach initiatives. Its dissemination component explores innovative modes of presentation for digital works through exhibition, performance, publication and circulation activities.

A member of the Pied Carré group, the centre occupies a multifunctional production space open to the community and an exhibition space located on the first floor of the Pôle de Gaspé, a creative hub in Montreal’s Mile End district.

Centro de Cultura Digital

The Centro de Cultura Digital of Mexico city is dedicated to producing, training, communicating and reflecting on new cultural, social and economic manifestations that arise from the daily use of digital technology.

Our focus is on offering alternatives for the critical appropriation of these technologies and their implementation in the processes that transform social life.

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