Claudia Bernal


Claudia Bernal is an interdisciplinary artist and postdoctoral researcher at CELAT, Cultures, Arts, Societies Research Center at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. Her artistic practice lies between the visual arts, the living arts and literature. This includes sculpture, engraving, performance, video and sound. She has a Ph.D. in Studies and Practices in the Arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal. She finished her Master’s in Theater Studies and She has a degree in Plastic Arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal. In her work, the concepts of movement, migration, space and identity are recurrent. Bernal has presented solo and group exhibitions, performances, and plays in Tokyo, Vienna, Brussels, Paris, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, and Colombia. Claudia Bernal lives and works between Montreal, Chicoutimi and Bogotá.