Píldoras contra el sueño

Píldoras contra el sueño (“Pills against sleep”) is a project that establishes a dialogue between a science fiction story and open-source artificial intelligences, such as VQGAN+CLIP and Disco Duffusion, among others, in charge of recreating parts of the story through textual inputs in order to generate original images representing scenes from the story. The aim is to initiate a dialogue on the interactions between a traditional work of literature, the author-reader and artificial intelligence. The project, in its presentation in the Hubs space, integrates in a room a vocal narration accompanied by a soundscape and a gallery of images generated by the different interactions with the artificial intelligences.

Click on “Create a room with this scene”, then on “Join Room”.

A project by :

Co-design & implementation of the 3D environment : Luis M Guzmán and Jessica A. Rodríguez