(Don’t) be a cyborg

The cyborg, although born with the technological revolution of 1980, has now become a concept that goes beyond dystopia and imagined worlds. The cyborg has gone beyond the idea of the unreal and has become part of our everyday life. For this reason, and under the premise that “We are all cyborgs”, we created this staging. We call it a staging because it combines different elements that unify the visual arts with sound and words to create a discourse the spectator feels involved in, without being a hero, but believing that they are inside their reality, a reality made of smoke filled with sadness. Therefore, our work converges in the reality of the Latin American asphalt, in those unpaved streets, in the popular fairs, in the small spaces that turn a moment of boredom into magic, in the garbage on the sidewalks and in the noises the city makes when it breathes.

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A project by :

  • Laura Xochitl Segura Lira (1993). She studied for a degree in Hispanic Language and Literature at UNAM, and is currently…

  • Oscar Angel Servin (Angel Servin) was born on March 21, 1996 in Mexico City. He has been…

Co-design & implementation of the 3D environment : Luis M Guzmán and Jessica A. Rodríguez