Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15, 2022

The collage technique allows us to break away from the rigidity, limitations and restrictions imposed by traditional methods of image making. It invites us to experiment with visual language through already constructed images, to create and recreate their narratives, meanings and interpretations. It is also a way to stimulate the spontaneity of the process, to transform the tools and to look for our own way to find our own language of expression. In this workshop, we approach this technique by discussing references, techniques, materials, repertoires and narrative constructions, seeking to have each participant find an approach to their own visual language from texts or literary compositions.

Presented by :

  • Maria Paula Jaramillo

    Bio Visual Designer and Master in Social Sciences from the University of Caldas. Master’s student in technology and aesthetics of electronic arts. Teacher in areas of graphic, visual and digital design in relation to current technologies and cultural processes. Flexible, willing to work collaboratively and as part of a team. Member of the collaborative platform……