Performance and Digital Literature

Friday, May 6 and 13, 2022

In recent years, reflections and readings of the body, coming from different fields and areas of study, show that there is an infinite field of generative possibilities that we ourselves do not recognize. Being able to reflect together on the relationship between the body and digital literature allows us to visualize them, from a wide panorama of references, in order to produce much more collaborative and enriching projects.

Presented by :

  • Rolando Rodriguez

    Bio He holds a doctorate in Art and Design, a master’s degree in Contemporary Art and a second one in Education. His work focuses on the exploration of three elements: image, text and sound. He has research and production projects that use analog and digital technologies as tools to explore expanded possibilities through text.

  • Jessica A. Rodríguez

    Bio Multimedia artist, designer and researcher. She is currently studying a doctorate program in Communications, New Media, & Cultural Studies at McMaster. Her practice and research projects focus on audiovisual practices such as visual music, electronic literature, video experimentation, sound art, visualization/sonification, live coding, among others, collaborating with composers, writers, designers, and other visual artists.……